DPA featured on AOPA

The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) has featured us in a new article on their website. Here is an excerpt:

Ed McDonald, club president, said club founders were hoping to expand on the work started on the DiamondAviators.net community. “We wanted to form an owner’s group that continued the pilot education and training aspect that you might find on a forum, but enhance it with more formal material,” said McDonald. Most importantly, developing a formal type club is an opportunity to facilitate communication between owners and the manufacturer.

The two parties have already sat down for several meetings regarding the partnership, both virtually and in person. “We’re developing a formal line of communication with Diamond Aircraft,” said McDonald, who confirmed that Diamond Austria and Canada have been supportive of the efforts to create a feedback loop between owners and the manufacturer.

There are approximately 3,000 private Diamond aircraft owners in the world—a number that excludes the aircraft within large fleets or at flight schools. “That represents a large group of the total Diamond fleet,” said McDonald. “The idea is to have a voice, among those 3,000 owners, at the table with Diamond Aircraft.”

Read the full article here – “Diamond Owners Form Type Club”

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