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Emergency Battery System

Rich Doyle, September 2023 In all all the IFR-rated Diamonds there is a limited-duration Emergency Battery System which, when activated, provides battery power to the

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Important Note on Bose A30 in Diamonds

Rich Doyle, August 2023 Using Bose A30 LEMO 6-pin panel power headsets without batteries installed in a Diamond (of any model) can result in the

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Nuances of the DA40 Electrical Buses

The health of the DA40 main battery is not just critical to be able to start its engine as a precursor to committing flight, but a critical line of defense against alternator failure in flight. Departing with the battery in questionable condition, including just being somewhat undercharged, is a true risk factor, particularly at night or IFR.

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Jet-A Fuel Programs & Discounts

One of the advantages of flying a Diamond aircraft powered by a compression ignition engine (Austro or Continental) is the opportunity to participate in Jet-A fuel programs. While these programs are typically intended to serve turbine-powered aircraft, diesel Diamond aircraft are also eligible to participate.

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Using BOSE 6-pin LEMO Headset Panel Power

Some Diamond models/years are equipped with only DP jacks. For example, my ’02 DA40 is one of these. However, there is a characteristic specific to Diamonds that allows using a DP/LEMO adapter cable that avoids this complication and actually allows you to plug your LEMO headset into (likely) any Diamond and use its panel power.

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Tow the Line

While our Diamond aircraft are quite nimble in the air, a wide wingspan and free-castering nosewheel make it a bit less maneuverable on the ground without the right tools. Tugs and winches are a big plus and can potentially prevent expensive repairs or personal injuries.


Buckeye Air Fair Fly-in

Over the weekend of February 18th, 2023, we held our first Diamond Pilot’s Association fly-in! A couple of us met on the airfield, enjoyed the