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Emergency Battery System

Rich Doyle, September 2023 In all all the IFR-rated Diamonds there is a limited-duration Emergency Battery System which, when activated, provides battery power to the

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Nuances of the DA40 Electrical Buses

The health of the DA40 main battery is not just critical to be able to start its engine as a precursor to committing flight, but a critical line of defense against alternator failure in flight. Departing with the battery in questionable condition, including just being somewhat undercharged, is a true risk factor, particularly at night or IFR.

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Jet-A Fuel Programs & Discounts

One of the advantages of flying a Diamond aircraft powered by a compression ignition engine (Austro or Continental) is the opportunity to participate in Jet-A fuel programs. While these programs are typically intended to serve turbine-powered aircraft, diesel Diamond aircraft are also eligible to participate.

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Im-Prop-er Introduction 

One of the proudest days in any pilot’s life is the purchase of their first aircraft, probably fourth on my all-time list behind marrying my beautiful wife and the birth of our two kids.  That glorious day, though, can often be accompanied by a few less than pleasant surprises.

DA40NG Orientation Briefing

This is a summary of the key differences that pilots who are transitioning to a Jet-A powered Diesel engine DA40NG should know about.