You’re Invited: 2023 Diamond Aircraft Owner Survey

The Diamond Pilots Association is launching our survey of Diamond Aircraft owners this week. DPA Members are getting early access to the survey and are invited to tell us about their Diamond Aircraft ownership experiences.

“This is our first survey,” notes Ed McDonald, DPA president.  “It covers a broad range of topics.  You don’t have to be a DPA member to participate, and we invite and encourage all owners of Diamond Aircraft to complete the survey.  We are seeking broad, worldwide participation.  Completing the survey should take only 15-20 minutes.”

The aggregated results will be published on the DPA Website in February 2024 and shared with Diamond Aircraft.

The survey consists of five sections:

  • Purchase & Delivery Experience (new or used)
  • After Sales Experience (not Maintenance / Repairs)
  • Maintenance and Repair Experience
  • Avionics & Upgrades
  • About This Airplane

“Answering any of the questions is optional; it’s “opt-in.”  Toward the end of the survey, we invite survey participants to volunteer specific information about their airplanes.  This is to help us understand the context of the answers and identify multiple responses for the same airplane,” Ed explained.  “We will keep individual answers confidential and secure.  We are looking for common themes suggesting areas for improvement and opportunities for DPA to help achieve these.”

In addition to English, the survey is available in French and German.

The survey will remain open through January 14, 2024.

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